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The past month has been hectic. My sabbatical ended; I returned to work with all kinds of new responsibilities; and it’s been a steep learning curve.

I was so grateful on Saturday to be able to send my husband and son off to visit with my husband’s family. It gave me the opportunity to do some binding. I felt rushed to get everything done before they came home; but I also felt relaxed and happy to be creating again.

I worked on two folding photo frames. I admit to purchasing ready-made mats to make my life simpler. The mats were for 8×10 and 4×6 photos; 2 of each. Since these were for folding frames, I needed to make sure that when I created the frame I left enough room in the hinge to allow the frame to fold shut. This meant leaving a space that was two-board thicknesses and two-mat thicknesses. Being me, I created a spacer for this. 🙂

I cut down the 8×10 mats to make them smaller so that the mats wouldn’t overwhelm the photos or the frame I was creating. I made one mistake in doing that though. I didn’t measure the mats against each other when I was done, and unfortunately, as I found out after everything else was done, one is slightly larger than the other. And, of course, I cut my boards for the frame based on the smaller mat. Ugh. So before that frame is completed, I’ll need to do another mat for it.

I did manage to complete the 4×6 folding frame. I covered both mats with this beautiful Lotka paper. Then I cut .60-point board to create the frame. I covered the frame with a wonderful Thai marbled paper that has the same texture as Momi paper. It is tie-dyed in blue and green and then marbled with black and gold metallic ink.

Because I wanted to retain the crinkle in the paper, I glued the boards with mixture before laying them on the paper, and then was very gentle with the bone folder. In placing the boards on the paper, I used the same technique that I use in creating a flat-back case. I laid out the first board, then placed my spacer next to it, and used a straight edge on the bottom to make sure that I would place the next board in the proper alignment.

I used a plain Canson paper to cover the inside of the frame and create a plainer background for the mats to display against. I pressed everything overnight in my brand-new press to dry. And yesterday, I glued the 4×6 mats to the frame with PVA and pressed it lightly. I hope to be able to complete the larger frame this week. Overall, I’m very pleased with how they turned out and will post photos of the completed projects.

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