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So, once all of the sections have been joined except the last one, it’s time to find the top/bottom cover.  This cover is sewn on at the same time as the last section, just as the other cover was.

Sewing the final section and cover

Sewing the final section and cover

I highly recommend Smith’s book for the description of how to finish this binding.  His books are available at http://www.keithsmithbooks.com/.  I’m sorry that I can’t remember exactly how I followed his instructions for this.

Looking at my book, it looks like I did the following:

  • I came out of the last hole of the next to last section
  • looped the stitch below and then went through the cover between the section and the cover
  • looped around the cover
  • returned to create a loop around the next to last section and enter the final section.

Boy that sounds complicated.  I think I missed looping properly from the cover to the next-to-last section which may be what contributes to the loosey goosey feeling of my binding.

The binding continues by:

  • coming out of the next station, looping around the stitch below,
  • continuing to the cover, sewing from the inside to the outside
  • then returning into the sewing station and continuing to the next.

Here’s the final product.  I think this is a complex binding that I’m glad I tried.  I hoped I’ve at least managed to give an overview of the process.

Finished binding

Finished binding

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I’ve seen so many examples of this style of binding that I thought were beautiful, so I wanted to learn it.  I found an example in Keith Smith’s book, Non-adhesive binding: Books without paste or glue, vol 1, and used that to learn from.  I did complete the binding, but I’m not sure that I would ever do another.  Advantages – it opens completely flat.  A huge advantage if you want to use the full sheet of paper.  And, it’s great for photos.  But, I really don’t like the loosey goosey feeling of the binding.  It’s most probably my stitching of it being too loose, but I don’t know.

Let me see if I can remember the process that I followed and document here as I did other projects.

Basically I began by folding the sections and decided to have 5 sections and used those to determine the cover sizes once they were folded.  So once, I determined the size and cut the boards, I covered them and got ready to create the pattern for stabbibg the pages and the covers.

So now we pause because my beautiful seven-month old woke from his nap early.  Fortunately, his older brother who’s 3 1/2 is still out. 🙂

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Well, I’ve gotten the photos of the projects I did last spring up on flickr at long long last.  Now to blog about them.

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It’s been some time since I posted.  There just never seems to be any time.  Ah well.  That’s life, isn’t it?

I was lucky enough to be granted release time from my job this spring to pursue my bookbinding.  The goal of the release time was to work on non-adhesive bindings and to try and create a small studio space for myself at home.  Well, I kinda got that done and am now able to use my summer professional development time to try and document what I did as well as to continue bookbinding.

I began my spring project late, but I managed to complete several bindings: a coptic binding, a photoalbum utilizing screwposts, and a japanese binding featuring a hemp stitch.  I also purchased a board cutter and a stand for the cutter.

I hope to begin documenting the steps I took with each over the next few weeks.  I have photos and will hopefully remember each step in the process.  I’m about to begin another photoalbum for my niece, so that should help.

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