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In Memoriam: Blackie, 1995-2009

Blackie, there will never be another like you. We will miss you always.

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Charlie Charlie, we will miss you always.

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Time flies

I can’t believe it’s mid August already.  Alessandro’s second birthday is just a month away, and going back to work is right around the corner.  The time has just flown.  I have really enjoyed having this time with my son.  Watching him grow and learn is just an incredible thing.

We’ve been going to Music Together classes this summer, and I’m going to miss them. It’s been wonderful to see how he responds to the classes and how his confidence has increased.  When we first started going, he was really shy and wouldn’t leave my lap.  He often cried through half the class.  Now, he may cry a little in the car when we get there, but he’s up and running around and playing with instruments and interacting with other children and the teacher the whole time.  I think it’s been a really good experience for him.  I know it’s been a great one for me to share with him. 🙂

On the bookbinding front, I finally finally bought supplies so we can build a press.  Yes, I’ve  got a nice 24 x 36 sheet of MDF that we’ll cut up for boards.  I’ve now got a nice thick carpenter’s square that will hopefully help me cut straight lines until I can buy a board cutter.  I’ve even got a nice new chisel that will allow me to use the ribbons I’ve bought to create closures.  I’ve got bone closures to use, and I’ve bought some beautiful paper. I still need to buy some bookcloth though.  So my first projects will rely on paper.  I should be able to start soon as the room renovation is almost complete.  We just need a floor and some furniture, and we’ll be visiting IKEA later this week.  Yeah!!!!!!

I can’t wait to get started with making boxes and books again!

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What’s happened

Well, if anyone out there has been wondering why I’ve not been adding entries, let’s just say that life has been a little screwy.

We’ve been renovating one room and all the stuff from the room has filtered outward.  Leaving no room to move nonetheless create stuff. 🙂  I can’t work on my kitchen table – it’s a picnic table so not exactly an even surface.  My coffee table is just too low and too crowded with Alessandro’s toys, books, detritis. 😉

Add to that, that I’ve had my gallbladder removed, which means that bending is rather uncomfortable at the moment.  I’m hoping this will pass quickly.  But I only had it done on Wednesday (7/18), so I can expect it to last a little longer I would say.  The hardest part has been not being able to pick up my son.  He’s so young and just doesn’t understand.  Soon, though, I’ll be able to pick him up again.

Anyway, I have lots of projects planned.  I’ve gotten some beautiful papers, so keep your fingers crossed that the renovations will finish soon, and I’ll have a place to work.

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Photos in Process

Well the class ended yesterday, and it was a great experience.  I learned a lot, and I love the books we made.  I finished pasting the end-paper into the smaller book last night after I got home.  So, technically, I only managed to finish one book during class time. 😉  In reality, neither book is completely finished.  I have to give the leather spines a “paste wash” and wax them.  I hope to get to that in the next few days.

The bad news is that one of my cats, Charlie – an absolute love, was just diagnosed with cancer today.  He’s so far gone in fact that we’re not sure if he’ll be coming home tomorrow or ever.  So, I’m feeling pretty awful just now and don’t really have the energy to crop and work on my photos right now.

I’ll work on them within this next week and get them posted with explanations of what steps we were doing and which book was which.

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Day Two

Well, it’s day two of my sabbatical, and so far, I’m still work obsessed. I’ve checked e-mail oooooh, three or four times, and yesterday, Judy and I e-mailed and talked. That I kind of expected though and welcomed.

I hope to get down to customizing this blog some more soon. But, tomorrow is my first class. It will be a long day though. The class is 10 – 4, but I have to catch a 7 something train to be there on time. Then the train home is around 5ish. Add a half-hour drive on to that each way, and I’m planning on being pretty tired. 🙂

I haven’t even put anything away that I brought home from the office yet. It’s still like I’m heading back to work in a couple of days, and I’m just taking a long weekend. I wonder how long this feeling will last.

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Blogging beginnings

Here’s where I hope to record thoughts, photos, and ideas that occur during my sabbatical journey.  A way to remember and share.

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