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Red Rock Ride

Folded pagesI used my sister-in-law’s photos of a horseback riding trip she took to create my book. The first step in creating this book was folding all of the pages. The background (the blue paper) is folded accordian style and is made out of two sheets of canson paper joined together with double-sided archival tape. The foreground (yellow) and middle ground (red) are made from individual sheets. First, I folded the edges and then they were folded in half. The edges are folded first because they are used to join the two pieces.

After all the folding was completed, I began assembling my book. I used the photos quite literally, cutting them apart into individual sections, and then gluing them where I wanted them to appear in the book. Believe it or not, we used regular stick glue for this project. Using paste would have made the pages too wet.

Laying out the pages

Assembling a pageI used the double-sided archival tape to assemble the pages together. The tape is applied to the back of the tabs on the foreground and then taped to the middle ground. The tape is then applied to the front of the tabs on the middle ground and then taped to the background.

Folding the star shapeOnce the pages were assembled, it was easy to move into the star-shaped pattern to see how the project really looked.

After this, we added a cover that would be used to tie the book open or closed. The cover was made out of one sheet of canson paper and a ribbon was folded into the edges and taped down for the closure. The star shape is thrown off a little by the inclusion of the cover, but that’s okay.

Finished bookFinished book - take two

I really enjoyed making this book and have some ideas for a couple of others – one for my son and one for my mother.  This style of book really appeals to me, and I’m looking forward to making more and including pop-ups in them. 🙂

I go back to making the more traditional hard-cover book this coming weekend.

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Pop-up magic

I’ve definitely got a much better understanding of what a carousel book is now. Plus, I’ve had a basic introduction to making pop-ups! Yeah!

So, traditionally a carousel book looks like a star when viewed from the top. It is made of five panels with three sections in each panel. Think about it as telling a visual story or viewing scenes from a play. The sections work together to create visual depth by giving each panel a foreground, middle, and a background, like a stage setting.

To learn how to assemble this, we’re all making a book with the same dimensions. It’s a form that works well with architecture and landscapes because they each contain the elements that this form needs.

Here are some examples of this type of book that I’ve found on the web. Looking at these really gave me a better picture of this type of book.

I’m finding the hardest part to be designing the panels.  We’ll see how it turns out.  I’m using landscapes and being too literal I think in how I’m doing this.  I have so many ideas for other designs now though that I think I’ll be making several more over the summer.

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