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It’s been some time since I posted.  There just never seems to be any time.  Ah well.  That’s life, isn’t it?

I was lucky enough to be granted release time from my job this spring to pursue my bookbinding.  The goal of the release time was to work on non-adhesive bindings and to try and create a small studio space for myself at home.  Well, I kinda got that done and am now able to use my summer professional development time to try and document what I did as well as to continue bookbinding.

I began my spring project late, but I managed to complete several bindings: a coptic binding, a photoalbum utilizing screwposts, and a japanese binding featuring a hemp stitch.  I also purchased a board cutter and a stand for the cutter.

I hope to begin documenting the steps I took with each over the next few weeks.  I have photos and will hopefully remember each step in the process.  I’m about to begin another photoalbum for my niece, so that should help.

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