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It’s hard to believe but my books and boxes will be going on display soon.  My College sponsors displays of different faculty, student, and staff artwork, and I’m going to participate.

There will be an opening reception next Monday, and I’m nervous about it.  After the opening, my stuff will be on display on the first floor of our library.  It’s weird.

I’m excited and I’m nervous.  I’m a dedicated introvert who is trying to become more extroverted, and this will certainly help in that regard.  Of course, my running off on vacation for a week after the opening, may put me back a bit. 🙂

I’m also lucky enough that my job encourages us to take time to pursue our research interests.  So, my application to take time to pursue creating a studio and continuing my studies of bookbinding was approved!  Yeah, I get to take one day a week to work on this for the spring semester.  I will most probably have to do this at my workplace though.  Working at home is still very hard.  My son (2 years old) demands all of my attention when I’m home, and I can’t blame him or resist him.

I’m thinking that perhaps I can do something fun with him in the mornings and then pursue binding in the afternoons.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I’ve gotten several of K. Smith’s books, and I’m going to use them for the basis of my continued studies.

Hopefully, this will also mean that my blogging will once again become regular.

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