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Phase Boxes

Well, I made two more phase boxes for some photo albums that belonged to the Vanderbilt family today.  It all started out so well, but ended up not too good.

The first box went like a dream, but it’s just a smidgen too small.  I don’t know how it happened.

The second – well, I should have quit while I was ahead.  It started out well.  The measuring was difficult, but I thought I got it right.  Obviously not.

  • The top cover was longer than the bottom.
  • The hinge was curved upward and tied with some sort of leather.  The ends of which were on the underside of the album and had large metal pieces attached to them.

The laying out of the lines went really well.  Then the trouble began.  I marked the lines to decrease the tray by one board width on each side and started cutting.  I couldn’t believe it when I realized I had cut the wrong line.  I cut off a side wall!  Ahhhhhhh.

So I started again.  Somehow this box came out wayyyyyy too large.  The width was fine, but the height was off by two board widths.  I just couldn’t believe it.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have forwarded my calls to the conference room so that I could keep up with the administrative side of things today. It did keep distracting me.

I think I’ll just chalk this up to a learning experience.  I’m going to redo the boxes next week.  Fortunately, I bought enough board just in case something like this happened.

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