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What’s happened

Well, if anyone out there has been wondering why I’ve not been adding entries, let’s just say that life has been a little screwy.

We’ve been renovating one room and all the stuff from the room has filtered outward.  Leaving no room to move nonetheless create stuff. 🙂  I can’t work on my kitchen table – it’s a picnic table so not exactly an even surface.  My coffee table is just too low and too crowded with Alessandro’s toys, books, detritis. 😉

Add to that, that I’ve had my gallbladder removed, which means that bending is rather uncomfortable at the moment.  I’m hoping this will pass quickly.  But I only had it done on Wednesday (7/18), so I can expect it to last a little longer I would say.  The hardest part has been not being able to pick up my son.  He’s so young and just doesn’t understand.  Soon, though, I’ll be able to pick him up again.

Anyway, I have lots of projects planned.  I’ve gotten some beautiful papers, so keep your fingers crossed that the renovations will finish soon, and I’ll have a place to work.

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